Kingdom and lords

Hack features:
- Lots of Diamonds (about 400,000) after watching a video

Requirements: LDONE and MobileTerminal (both from Cydia)

1 - Download the edited binary from here:
2 - Close the game, even from multitask
3 - Put the edited binary into the folder of the game with iFile or whatever you want
4 - Just to be sure, respring your device
5 - Open MobileTerminal (or any alternative app) and type the following commands:

LOC=$(find /var/mobile/Applications/ -name
cd $LOC
chmod +x Kingdoms
ldone Kingdoms -s
killall -9 SpringBoard

6 - When your phone finishes respringing, open the game and watch a video!
7 - If you get an error when you type “chmod +x Kingdoms”, just type: “su” and enter “alpine” as your password when prompted. Then repeat the commands.

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